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Storage Classes


A StorageClass provides a way for administrators to describe the “classes” of storage they offer. Different classes map to options such as reclaim policy and to allow or not allow volume expansion determined by the cluster administrators. Kubernetes itself is unopinionated about what classes represent.

As the Cloud Platform is hosted on AWS, the Provisioner is always set to AWS Elastic Block Store (AWS EBS)

Storage Class Options

The Cloud Platform currently offers 2 storage classes for users:

Name Provisioner Reclaim Policy Allow Volume Expansion
gp2 aws-ebs Delete false
gp2-expand aws-ebs Delete true
gp3 Delete true
io1-expand aws-ebs Delete true

The default class is gp2

AWS EBS storage classes allows a number of different configuration points when creating each class. If you feel the above storage classes do not fit your requirements, please speak to the Cloud Platform team.

For the official Kubernetes Storage Class documentation, click StorageClass AWS EBS storage classes

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