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Persistent Volume encryption at rest and daily snapshots

This guide will give you an overview of how to set up encryption at rest for “Persistent Volumes (PVs)” and take daily snapshots to back up a PV.

Encrypting Persistent Volumes

To enable encryption at rest on a PV set the storageClassName attribute of your PersistentVolumeClaim to gp3. This Storage Class sets encrypted: "true" on the underlying EBS volume. This is also the default storage class for the PersistentVolumeClaim if you dont specify one.

kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
apiVersion: v1
  name: myclaim
    - ReadWriteOnce
      storage: 8Gi
  storageClassName: gp3
      release: "stable"
      - {key: environment, operator: In, values: [dev]}

In the above PVC example, the cluster will dynamically provision a Persistent Volume for the PVC, using the gp3 The Amazon EBS CSI, which will cause the PV to be encrypted using the AWS Key Management Service (KMS).

Snapshots to back up Persistent Volumes

You can take snapshots to back up Persistent Volumes using the snapshot lifecycle policy.

The example snapshot lifecycle policy below will create a snapshot of all tagged volumes every 24 hours starting at 05:00 UTC. As per the retain_rule, a maximum of 30 snapshots of the target volume will be retained.

Using the example below, create a “Data Lifecycle Management (DLM)” file called in your namespaces resources folder in the environments repo. Amend the tags_to_add and replace <pvc-name> with the name of your PersistentVolumeClaim.

Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager uses target_tags to identify the EBS volumes to back up, so please make sure you update the target_tags with the right PVC name.

resource "aws_dlm_lifecycle_policy" "persistentvolume_backup" {
  description        = "PersistentVolume lifecycle policy for <pvc-name>"
  execution_role_arn = "arn:aws:iam::754256621582:role/dlm-lifecycle-role"
  state              = "ENABLED"

  policy_details {
    resource_types = ["VOLUME"]

    schedule {
      name = "Daily 30 days persistentvolume snapshots for <pvc-name>"

      create_rule {
        interval      = 24
        interval_unit = "HOURS"
        times         = ["05:00"]

      retain_rule {
        count = 30

      tags_to_add = {
        SnapshotCreator  = "DLM"
        application      = "test-application"
        environment-name = "testenvname"
        namespace        = "my-namespace"
        team_name        = "example-repo"
        business-unit    = "example-bu"
        application      = "exampleapp"
        is-production    = "false"

      copy_tags = true

    target_tags = {
      "" = "<pvc-name>"

resource "kubernetes_secret" "persistentvolume_backup_sec" {
  metadata {
    name      = "persistentvolume-backup-output"
    namespace = "namespace-name"

  data = {
    persistentvolume_backup_id =

Restoring a Persistent Volume from a snapshot

If you want to restore a PV from a snapshot, speak to the cloud-platform team in the #ask-cloud-platform channel.

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