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Updating CronJob API version for Cloud Platform - deprecated Kubernetes v1.21

The batch/v1beta1 API version of CronJob is deprecated as of Kubernetes release v1.21, and will no longer be served as of v1.25.

Cloud Platform users are encouraged to ensure any CronJob manifests are migrated to use the batch/v1 API version, which is supported on our current cluster version (v1.24 as of writing).

Further details can be found within the Kubernetes deprecation guide

Steps required

To view which apiVersion you are using, run the following kubectl command:

kubectl --namespace <namespace> get cronjob <cronjob-name> -o yaml

apiVersion: batch/v1beta1
kind: CronJob

You are only required to update apiVersion as the following complete example shows:

apiVersion: batch/v1
kind: CronJob
  name: hello
  schedule: "1 2-14 * * 0-1,5-6"
  successfulJobsHistoryLimit: 1
  failedJobsHistoryLimit: 1
      ttlSecondsAfterFinished: 100
          - name: hello
            image: bitnami/nginx
            - /bin/sh
            - -c
            - date; echo "Hello, World!"
          restartPolicy: OnFailure

For additional information on creating CronJobs see here

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