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What can be hosted on the Cloud Platform

The MoJ Cloud Platform is for hosting “modern” applications.

Ensure that your app:

  • can run in containers (Linux-based, Docker)
  • follows: 12 Factor App
  • uses backing services from AWS (which can be defined in Terraform)
  • its data does not have a classification higher than OFFICIAL or OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE
  • is secure - whilst Cloud Platform environments are generally isolated, there is an element of sharing, so we expect applications to be kept patched and follow security guidance
  • doesn’t require private network connections such as PSN (see: the internet is ok)

Support for:

  • micro-service architecture - this is supported but not necessary for Cloud Platform. Traditional monoliths or n-tier archictures can be hosted. Just bear in mind 12 factor app: they need to be stateless to scale horizontally and disposable to be efficiently herded across the platform.
  • serverless - Cloud Platform is fine for the occasional lambda function used as AWS glue-code. However Cloud Platform doesn’t currently give a good developer experience for rapid iteration, so doesn’t support full serverless architectures. Supporting this is something Cloud Platform is considering.
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